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WISI established in the year 1926, in Germany as one of the leading manufacturers of detector receivers, banana plugs and Radio parts. Later on with the development of technology the company developed as the manufacturers of CATV equipment’s, distribution technology etc. and system supplier for modern multimedia networks.

WISI is the manufacturer of Multimedia Network Products for Digital Head-ends like Encoders, Detectors and Transcoders etc.

WISI is by far the market leader and main supplier of the major cable operators throughout the country and exported to the most important international markets. It is one of the highest principles for WISI to be a solid and reliable factor for customers, partners and employees and to stay.

Even for the world of tomorrow WISI will deploy as a pioneer high quality components, services and systems for communication and information and tap into new segments. Thus WISI in global competition can maintain its special position and a say in the technological development of the markets in the future, the company is investing for example currently very strong in the areas of digital video processing and fibre optics to the subscriber. The Long-standing experience makes us experts for planning and design of individual network concepts.

WISI aim is to further the success and expand the prominent position in the market and to reach out to the people with the best, reliable and latest technologies of this world.

As experts for transmission networks, WISI will assist you with the operation and maintenance of your network.

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We offer you services including the routine maintenance of the network components, the upgrade of equipment to realisation of software updates and even the pro-active supervision of the network.

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