Chameleon  Any Video from Any Source to Any Device

The CHAMELEON product line covers almost every need for Cable-TV and Sma-TV distribution with a single hardware that enhance the user experience by its simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency..

Future of Chameleon:

The Chameleon Encoder adds the features of MPEG encoding to the Chameleon product line. The encoder allows you to add servicers available inn audio/video format or in SDI/HD-SDI format to your digital network.

The new functions and software options will be developed overtime and software updates will be available to you with our support service at the portal. This service will be offered to all customers

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Chameleon Encoder Any Video from Any Source to Any Device

Chameleon : one hardware for all applications

Each Module can be a complete standalone head-end

Chameleon DVB receiver decoding of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video formats


Low energy Consumption: The products are designed to generate as little heat as possible. This has a positive effect on our environment, as well as on the life time. A part from the environmental benefits, it also gives a direct cost saving through the lower power consumption.

Ultra Long Life: Designing for a long cycle gives advantages for the environment through less scrapping, and repairing a product is worthwhile instead of scrapping if failures occur.

Chameleon wisi cable tv Encoder India supplier

Each Module can be a complete standalone head-end

The different inputs, processing and outputs are defined by software options, and all software options can be updated at any time.

The Chameleon includes a dual DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C receiver, furthermore it includes decoding of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video formats as well as it supports MPEG, AAC HE and Dolby audio decoding. The Dolby audio decoding requires the latest HW version.

The SW options define the different “product realisations” you can implement with the unique HW. For your specific application, you simply buy the SW options you need. When you need further functionality, just purchase additional SW options, and update the installed HW.

Scrambling / Subtitles / New Mux functions / New system Management / Adding PIDs +Descriptors

Its a complete 300 programs head-end with reception, decoding, decryption, encryption and modulation of multiplexes in 3 U of 19 inch.

Chameleon Best cable TV Encoder in India

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