WISI Optopus WISI Optical Platform Optopus

Highly flexible and high density platform for all kinds of RF optical networks.

WISI Optopus

Optopus is designed to meet the high requirements and reliability necessary for today‘s networks. State-of-the-art features such as redundant AC and DC power supplies, pluggable fan units and advanced management features meet the carrier-grade demands of telecommunication and cable operators.

The Optopus platform allows to mount any module into any slot, thus giving the possibility for individual configuration depending on the desired applications. With its 14 slots in a 3+1 rack unit chassis it utilises up to 28 transmitters, 56 receivers or a mixture of both including power supply and management unit. Optopus is the system of choice for every operator enabling powerful, flexible and cost efficient optical access networks.

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WISI Optopus Optical Platform for FTTx and HFC

The system is used in any network such as HFC, RF over Glass or RF Overlay in FTTX applications

Optical Platform for FTTx and HFC

WISI Optopus at a glance:

Full modular concept allows every application mix, Modules can be inserted or exchanged during operation thus simplifying extension and reducing maintenance outages.

Hot swappable modules simplify Upgrades

Passive back plate reduces maintenance outages. The passive back plate system allows exchange of modules during operation without re-cabling. The system therefore reduces maintenance outages significantly.

Redundant power supplies guarantee system availability

Dust-free passive module cooling enlarges module lifetime

The system offers comprehensive local and remote monitoring features for each and every module. Supervision and operation is realized using state-of-the-art SNMP features and/or a web interface.

WISI Optical Platform Optopus Distributor in India Kerala

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